Best 7 CRM Software with Email Integration

Best 7 CRM Software with Email Integration

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing channels for maintaining customer relationships. But email marketing is a tricky one. You need to identify your customer to send the correct information and promotion via email.  But don’t worry! CRM software with email integration will help you to solve this challenge. 

So, what’s the best CRM software with email integration for business? Here is our recommendation for CRM with email integration that may suit your business. Let’s see!

Best 7 CRM Software with Email Integration

Email integration is an essential feature to help businesses maintain relationships with customers. So, the following CRM software features email integration will help you to manage and create customer relationships you need for business growth.  

1. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is software with an intuitive user interface, rich features, and the ability to deliver an integrated and continuous user experience. This software uses an approach that focuses on customer needs and understands the importance of flexibility and personalization in managing customer relationships.

What are the features inside? 

  • Sales Force Automation: automate routine sales, marketing, and efficient support functions, giving you more time to concentrate on customers. 
  • Lead Management: capture leads, automate lead scoring, identify prospects who will convert, and follow up with detailed contact information.
  • Transaction Management: complete more transactions in less time.
  • Contact Management: real-time analysis of your customers, connect with them across channels, and build strong relationships.
  • Workflow Automation: following up on leads or changing data in a field, your team has to grapple with a ton of manual work.

2. Hubspot  

HubSpot is a CRM platform that makes it easy for all your employees to work together, from marketing sales to customer service, to advance your business. There are the operations and content management features that you need to create the best customer experience.

What are the features inside?

  • Marketing Hub: target the right audience, convert more visitors into customers, and run inbound marketing campaigns in one CRM application.
  • Sales Hub: helps teams close more deals, deepen relationships, and manage business channels more effectively in one CRM application.
  • Service Hub: helps you deepen customer relationships, connect to the front office, and drive team efficiency.
  • CMS Hub: flexible for your business and can provide your customers with a personalized and secure experience.
  • Operation Hub: synchronizes, cleans, and organizes customer data and automates business processes.

3. Brevo 

The following CRM software with email integration is Brevo. This platform can provide business for email, SMS, and WhatsApp marketing. They also can help you to make marketing automation. So, you can materialize your visitors to customers and turn customers into loyal customers. 

What are its features that are beneficial for your business?. 

  • Email Marketing Automation: send personalized information or promotions according to customer profiles.
  • Landing Page:  help marketers create landing pages without other tools and optimize conversions in minutes.
  • Live Chat & Chat Bots: facilitate interaction and quickly answer questions from website visitors or customers.
  • CRM: helps you manage your sales funnel. You can add all your team members to CRM to allow them to track their sales process.

4. Freshsales Suite

Freshsales Suites is specifically designed to support the performance of marketing and sales teams. Thus, they can convert leads quickly and simplify communication to maintain customer loyalty.

Take a look at some of its advantageous features as follows. 

  • Pipeline Management: managing, tracking, and creating sales pipelines of various teams. 
  • Systems Customizations: it is used for custom fields, sales activities, modules, lifecycle stages, roles, and access permissions. 
  • Sales Analytics: make sales decisions with data-driven and create visual dashboards and reports. 
  • Third-party Integrations: help you synchronize all your customer data into the platform and work with many third parties. 
  • Mobile App: manage deals, contacts, sales activities, and accounts on the go. 

5. HashMicro 

HashMicro CRM software with email integration offers a variety of features that can be used to manage leads, customers, and sales activities. HashMicro CRM has an attractive visual appearance and makes it easy to monitor the sales process. This CRM software also has comprehensive features, as detailed below. 

  • Quotation & Sales Order Management: create offers for each prospect, convert them to sales orders, and create invoices instantly.
  • Multi Price List: create different price lists for each prospect & send offers based on the specified price list directly from the sales software.
  • Sales Target Management: set sales targets, assign tasks, and monitor the progress of each salesperson with the best product sales application.
  • Payment Follow-Up Management: automatic follow-up reminders from online sales applications, find out unpaid client bills & send reminders to clients automatically.
  • Sales Commission Management: record sales and automate commission calculations for each salesperson based on targets.
  • In-Depth Analytics Reporting: create complete sales analytics reports from the application.

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing platform that can help businesses manage and interact with clients and customers. Mainly, a company uses Mailchimp for its email campaign. It uses WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) web builder. 

What are the features inside? 

  • Audience management: marketing CRM, behavioral targeting, segmentation, predicted demographic, and support signup form. 
  • Creative tools: it is used for content studio, creative assistant, and campaign templates. 
  • Marketing automation: planning a personalized customer journey and synchronizing business data. 
  • Insight and Analytics: used for making reports, personalized recommendations, surveys, and optimizing content. 

7. Zendesk 

Last but not least, CRM software with email integration is Zendesk. This software combines customer service (CS) and customer relationship management (CRM). So, you can maintain a relationship with your customers and answer all their questions via social media, chat, phone, and email. 

Benefit from the following features offered by Zendesk.

  • Guide: guide customers and give them solutions when Customer Service is overwhelmed with the Help Guide page. SEO optimizes the page, so when your customers search about their problem, your page will appear on their search engine. 
  • Support: collect all questions and feedback so you can respond to their question efficiently. 
  • Talk: call and chat with your customers and record the conversation, both in call or chat. 
  • Sell: collect your chat with potential leads and regular customers. It also helps you to compare and prioritize specific leads.
  • Explore: research your target customers to increase your sales. 

What to Consider When Choosing  CRM Software with Email Integration?

When choosing CRM software with email integration, you need to carefully consider key features that will support and optimize your communication with your customers or audience through email. 

Moreover, it will be better for you to have a comprehensive analytics tool to help you set a better strategy. Centralization and automation also hold a prominent role. 

Thus, you may opt for Zoho CRM or Hubspot. Still, paying attention to collaborative capability and budget is necessary!

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