5 Best CRM Email Marketing Software for Your Company: Must Know!

5 Best CRM Email Marketing Software for Your Company: Must Know!

Email marketing will always occur in every company filled with customer satisfaction and complaints. The company is most likely to work using a CRM system to assist in managing email marketing. Here is your best CRM email marketing software that you can use for the company’s needs.

Best CRM Email Marketing Software

Following the issue of how to manage your company email marketing which probably consists of a lot of categories, you must find a solution. In order not to be involved in any email problems, you need to reconsider using the best CRM email marketing software. Then, check our recommendations below.

1. Brevo

Firstly, the best CRM email marketing software is a company that has excellent service of CRM software for email marketing. Brevo is well-known for providing an incredible service system that collaborates with the CRM system. Together with CRM, Brevo will complete your marketing and sales toolkit in one program.

The powerful features you could get are listed below.

  • You can do a drag-and-drop option for any editor of your company emails.
  • Customizable email templates are available for your fully responsive email reply.
  • Customization of email content based on the categories.
  • Brevo can assist in the segmentation of the audience.
  • A/B testing for marketing improvement systems.
  • Customize the time to deliver your email.
  • Additional features for email metrics are detailed including a click option to the heatmaps. 
  • Push notification service is available for sending messages via emails, WhatsApp, website, and SMS.

In addition, Brevo plans are quite interesting with a free trial for sending 300 emails per day. Following the rule, Brevo as the greatest CRM email marketing software provides you with a plan starting from $25 to send up to 20,000 emails in a month.  

2. ActiveCampaign

Further, there is one of the best CRM email marketing software that can do automation over your company emails. ActiveCampaign system becomes one with CRM automation email marketing program to provide a great program for your needs. Also, it offers such a good deal with a good feature that is listed below.

  • ActiveCampaign can do segmentation over your database to work on more targeted emails for any campaigns.
  • With a CRM system, it will automatically raise your campaign target.
  • In addition, it also automatically sends emails based on triggers you put on.
  • It will send broadcast messages via email using the automation system. Messages include targeted emails, autoresponse, transaction history emails, and so on.
  • ActiveCampaign also provides the drag-and-drop option to customize your email marketing.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign offers a long free trial of up to 14 days. The company’s plan also provides particular plans for the teams such as marketing and sales. The plans also have a bundling plan for marketing automation and sales CRM programs.

You have to pay around $93 per month to get access to 1000 contacts, 5 users, CRM, email marketing, reports, and site tracking. The cost of ActiveCampaign plan is worth it if you need an automation system in bundling so you will get complete service.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot has two focus ranges, those two are Marketing Hub and Sales Hub. For instance, Marketing Hub is the tool offered by HubSpot most likely to focus on digital marketing areas. This field includes email marketing, SEO, content, landing page, and social media ads. 

In addition, the Sales Hub is subtle in controlling email-related issues such as email tracking, email scheduling, CRM, and sales automation. Good for Sales Hub to be able to manage email sequences and reporting using CRM systems.

HubSpot also offers you multiple plans that you can choose from based on your company’s needs. The starter pack costs $18 per month, for professionals cost up to $800 per month. Meanwhile, the enterprise pack costs $3,600 per month.

4. Zoho CRM

If you have a mid-sized business, Zoho is the most credible and best CRM email marketing software. It is most likely to focus on HR management, social media management, and cloud storage. Zoho likewise provides email marketing automation and sales automation systems to manage email marketing campaigns.

For more detail, you can read the offered features by Zoho listed below.

  • Do segmentation of the customers according to how wide the range of attributes.
  • Send a bunch of appreciation emails to your customers.
  • Manage the capture leads and score leads to be sent to your CRM system.
  • Email templates are available for you at any time.
  • Analyze your email campaigns and make the report as well.

Moreover, Zoho has a free trial plan for their paid features for up to 15 days free. Yet, you have to pay for the next plan you would use, including:

  • Standard pack cost of $20 per month and per user.
  • For a professional pack, it costs $35 per month and per user.
  • Enterprise comes with a cost of $50 per month and per user.
  • The higher plan is the ultimate pack that costs up to $64 per month and per user. 

5. Keap

Last but not least is the best CRM email marketing software with strong capability on the automation system. Keap is a complete system to back up both marketing and sales teams to work on customer engagement and email automation. Other than that, Keap provides strong integrity in reporting and analyzing the dashboard.

Further, there are some great features offered by Keap.

  • Enclose the form of capture leads on your landing pages and website.
  • Create a segmentation of your client using the CRM system to customize email receiver lists.
  • Personalizable workflow with automation email sending following the user behavior.
  • Email templates are available and able to be customized.

Additionally, Keap has two main paid plans that you can use whether pro or max pack. The Pro plan costs $159 per month to keep 1,500 contacts and is available for two users. 

Next is the Max plan which costs $229 per month with 2,500 contacts space and is available for up to three users. Regardless, you can enjoy it freely for 14 days.

Is It a Good Choice to Use the Best CRM Email Marketing Software?

CRM is a system that can help you a lot with the automation of any database related to your company. One of its services is to fully manage email marketing and it has plenty of features that can be helpful for you to work on. However, the price of each software is different so you can fit on it. 

The best CRM email marketing software offers advantageous benefits that are worth your time and effort. By using this program you and your co-workers can work effectively and focus on the duty you have. Everything is already automatically running so you do not need to worry about the database.

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