10 Best CRM for Medical Practice Recommendations in 2023

10 Best CRM for Medical Practice Recommendations in 2023

A reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a critical tool for medical practices to streamline operations, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency. However, with a lot of options available, choosing the best CRM for medical practice can be a difficult task.

That’s why, in this article, we spill our recommendations for the best CRM systems customized to the unique needs of medical professionals. These systems will help you make the best decisions to optimize your practice’s patient relationships and administrative processes. 

What Is CRM for Medical Practice?

A CRM system for medical practices is a special tool for the healthcare ecosystem, like hospitals, labs, or clinics. It helps the healthcare facilities take care of their patients and keep their information like medical records and appointments organized. 

10 Best CRM for Medical Practice Recommendations

We have curated some of the best CRM for medical practice based on their size, specialization, and standout features, as detailed down below!

1. Salesforce

Salesforce Health Cloud is a highly regarded healthcare CRM software with a tailored platform for the healthcare and life sciences sectors. It assists healthcare providers in reaching out to new patients, offering detailed medical records, tracking referrals, and engaging with patients through various devices for appointment-related tasks. 

Furthermore, it streamlines interactions with insurers, provides pharmaceutical management features, and aids in marketing and sales. This CRM system is particularly valuable for private clinics, hospitals, patient management, outreach, payment processing, and marketing.

2. Zendesk

Zendesk is well-known as one of the best CRM for medical practice. This helps ensure positive patient interactions by providing a complete view of patient data, including health records, medical equipment info, and appointment history. 

With Zendesk Support, you can easily stay in touch with patients through call centers and various channels, such as SMS. Additionally, Zendesk’s healthcare CRM tools assist with appointment reminders and follow-ups that aid medical professionals in daily tasks.

3. Leadsquared

Leadsquared is a CRM system primarily for sales and marketing. However, it also offers a healthcare solution that focuses on specialty hospitals, like women’s and children’s hospitals. 

They are adept at capturing potential new patient leads and using marketing automation to turn them into paying patients. This allows hospitals and clinics to use Leadsquared for email campaigns, landing pages, and patient satisfaction reports.

4. VerioMed

Veriomed is another recommendation for the best CRM for medical practice designed for clinical labs and hospitals. This brand provides Analytics, Intelligence, and Order Entry modules in the system. Hence, it simplifies data access and management for labs and hospitals. 

Additionally, it features the Health Meter, which summarizes client health priorities. Automated case management integrates seamlessly with analytics to enhance customer service. Furthermore, Veriomed also allows healthcare organizations to monitor data sources, detect trends, and promptly alert relevant staff.

5. Evariant

Evariant healthcare CRM software is an all-in-one solution that centralizes data management. Its analytics engine gathers insights from various data sources to enhance your strategies and processes. This platform enables precise marketing campaigns to engage patients throughout their healthcare journey. 

Developed in partnership with Salesforce, Evariant offers patient and physician engagement and consumer and patient marketing solutions for hospitals. In general, it aims to deliver highly personalized patient experiences in real time.

6. Insightly’s Health and Wellness CRM

The next one is Insightly’s Health and Wellness CRM which is used by over 1.5 million people in different fields. This CRM is great for managing contacts. You can link it with various apps like Gmail, Office 365, or even MailChimp. 

Thus, it facilitates healthcare service providers to connect patient records with emails, online documentation, payments, and other administrative stuff.

If you’re a healthcare worker, it helps keep track of interactions with donors and bring in everyone’s profile details. The important part is that it helps you see important connections within your donors and volunteer groups, which can help you grow your support base.

7. Keap

Keap makes it easy to gather patient information with templates for landing pages, forms for patients to fill out, and tools for scheduling appointments. It’s a flexible system that can be adjusted to match what healthcare providers need. 

Furthermore, it also offers straightforward sales and marketing automation features. All patient interactions are stored in one place and can be easily seen by team members. Generally speaking, Keap’s CRM is a customizable, user-friendly, and accessible CRM for healthcare service providers.

8. Creatio

Creatio is another best CRM for medical practice designed specifically for medical institutions like hospitals, labs, medical centers, and clinics. Suprisingly, this one is HIPAA-compliant, ensures that patient data is handled according to regulations, and stays updated with medical history, visits, and bills.

You can also establish an online medical portal to manage appointments and access helpful reports and metrics for daily clinic analysis. The reason is that Creatio assists in creating a unified database of all contacts and accounts with a complete view of customer interactions and preferences to build trust over time.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot also provides a great CRM solution for building better relationships with your patients. You can avoid manual tasks and easily update reports, track your medical staff’s goals, and see a full patient pipeline on your dashboard. 

You may have unlimited users, up to 1 million contacts, and endless data with no time limits. Moreover, you’ll receive enterprise software for sales, marketing, content management, operations, and patient service. Eventually, you can manage appointments and track patient activities to build trust.

10. Zoho

Last but not least, you can enhance your hospital’s patient file management with Zoho Healthcare CRM. This is the best CRM for medical practice that streamlines your healthcare operations under one roof.

You can reach patients through various channels, like email, phone, social media, and live chat, and also receive real-time alerts for patient interactions. In addition, you can also automate tasks to save time and improve patient care.

Which One of the Best CRM for Medical Practice Software Do You Choose?

In summary, choosing the best CRM for medical practice is such an important decision that it can greatly impact the efficiency and quality of patient care. Each of the systems we’ve explored offers unique features and benefits. 

Obviously, you have to start with what is the most pivotal function you need to deliberately streamline your operational tasks and accommodates both your patients and the organization’s needs and objective. If you need an all-in-1 and centralized data management, Evariant may be the most fitting choice you need. 

The right CRM software can be a valuable asset, simplifying tasks and enhancing patient relationships. These softwares will ultimately contribute to the success of your medical practice.

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