10 Top CRM Software for Real Estate with Its Pros and Cons

Customer Service Modules in CRM Systems Provide Tools For

Are you bored with repetitious work while doing real estate business? Build new working experience! Now, you can effectively work with these 10 top CRM software for real estate. Are you interested to know more about it? Let’s dig it up!

What’s CRM Software for Real Estate?

CRM software for real estate shows you many great benefits since it has many automated workflows that make your work easier. These benefits include helping you find new leads or customers and organizing their contact information so you won’t need to arrange it on spreadsheets manually.

In addition, you can easily track which customers you’ve contacted since CRM tool also helps you gather customers’ activity information, like whether and when they opened your emails.

10 Top CRM Software for Real Estate

By utilizing CRM software for your real estate business, you’ll benefit from boiling down repetitive tasks while optimizing the customer relationship management aspect. Below is the list of CRM software for your reference to help you run the real estate’s customer relationship management better. 

1. HubSpot

You can effectively sell real estate faster and better by using HubSpot CRM. HubSpot has comprehensive features that allow you to manage your customers more efficiently. Boost your productivity with their contact management, meeting scheduling, email templates, sales automation, and call tracking tools.

However, HubSpot has two cons you should consider before using it. First, this CRM tool is considered one of the most expensive CRM software. Second, it has annual contracts, making it difficult to stop halfway. So, it’s best for you to thoroughly examine the pros and cons of the CRM software before deciding to use it.

2. Apptivo

One of the top CRM software for real estate is Apptivo, and it is considered good since it is very user-friendly. Apptivo also has excellent apps for invoicing, such as expense reports, estimate calculators, license tracking tools, property management, and customer payments.

Unfortunately, Apptivo doesn’t have a wide range of customization. For example, you could see whether an email has been opened only on a desktop, but this feature is not available through the mobile app.

3. Salesmate for Realtors

Besides organizing leads’ contact details, Salesmate for Realtors has built-in call features, such as call transfer, recording, and text marketing. Furthermore, Salesmate offers responsive customer support so that users won’t need to wait long when they encounter a difficulty. 

But there’s nothing called a perfect CRM. Some users feel that Salesmate is inflexible, as users can’t remove unnecessary modules that don’t fit their business. Users can’t even customize fonts and colors applied on their website.

4. Wise Agent

A CRM that has a reasonable price and broad functionality, Wise Agent offers you several handy features. You could easily track all the transactions with numerous tools with Wise Agent and immediately import contacts from other places, such as Google Contacts.

Even though Wise Agent is one of the top CRM software for real estate, it doesn’t have enough collaborative tools. Hence, you’ll need to add another app for team collaboration or pick another CRM software if you have a large company.

5. Pipedrive

A simple UI that Pipedrive has made people love to use as their CRM. You can also use Pipedrive with features such as a sales activities tracker, reporting, and analytics tools to give you some insights about the sales process that is vital for real estate business. 

Sadly, you may find Pipedrive quite troublesome as it’s not entirely user-friendly, so it would be difficult for you who are clueless about technology. Furthermore, Pipedrive is considered expensive, and its updates can sometimes be slow.

6. Realvolve

Love to customize your CRM? Realvolve might be your favorite! You can easily choose whether to make your website complex or otherwise with Realvolve. Its customer service is also considered the best among other CRMs. You can directly ask for help if you complain about its features.

However, some users experienced technical errors while syncing the CRM with Google. If you choose this CRM among other CRMs, contact its support team to resolve this syncing problem.

7. KVCore

Managing leads for your real estate business campaign couldn’t be easier with KVCore. It can automatically send emails and texts based on lead actions. So you won’t have a hard time sending personalized messages to particular leads since KVCore can read lead activities.

Unfortunately, KVCore didn’t have a quick support response when users needed it. Sometimes, users must wait long for assistance, which may be longer if they encounter specific issues that require a long explanation.

8. Compass CRM

If you need a significant and continuous development CRM, consider using Compass CRM. Compass is entirely up to date instead of other CRMs, and it has an excellent support team. Thus, when you need assistance with its features and services, you can quickly contact them without waiting too long.

But, some functions in Compass CRM are complicated. On top of that, there’s a limitation of platform customization.  If you need more flexibility while operating a CRM tool, Compass might not be the ideal one for you. 

9. Keller Williams Command

Within a list of top CRM software for real estate, there’s Keller Williams Command for your needs. Keller Williams has several pros you might love. First, it has comprehensive features to run social ads, tremendous and effective contact management, and drag-and-drop features for website creation.

While having those pros, Keller Williams Command has cons you should consider before using. One weakness of Keller Williams is that it has a limit of 5,000 emails. Consequently, you must choose the promising prospect carefully rather than sending emails randomly. 

10. Insightly

While working within an organization, using a CRM to see others’ task lists is a great deal. That’s what Insightly tried to offer you! Just within one CRM software, you can visit other tasks. Additionally, the tasks can be easily organized so that you won’t encounter any difficulties while using Insightly.

Unfortunately, you may find some minor glitches while using Insightly. Sometimes, you’ll see your screen freezing up, but you can quickly fix it by refreshing the page regularly. The second con of this CRM software is that there are some problems regarding localization, so it may be a little tricky for non-US users to use Insightly.

Which Top CRM Software for Real Estate You’d Like to Use?

Among the top CRM software for real estate, you may like HubSpot best as your CRM because it rarely has glitches and is easy to use, even though it’s pretty pricey. You’ll have access to features that help you curtail repetitive tasks through automation, hence spending your time and energy on a more demanding task.

Whatever CRM you choose, carefully examine its pros and cons and align them with your needs before using it.

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