5 Top Rated CRM Software Small Business: Details Best Companies

5 Top Rated CRM Software Small Business: Details on Best Companies 

You need a great concept to increase your system of communicating with customers when building or starting up a business. However, the consumer is the main contributor to your success in business. Get top-rated CRM software small business to help you build a business with such benefits. 

What is CRM Software?

To understand more about top-rated CRM software small business, you absolutely need to know its definitions and functions. Basically, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Furthermore, this platform is a tool that helps businesses manage interactions with current and potential customers. 

Besides, it typically helps organizations streamline and automate processes. The processes incorporate customer data management, customer interaction, access to business information, automating sales, tracking leads, and managing employee, vendor, and partner relationships.

CRM software has the benefit of compiling information on customers across different channels. In other words, it is the point of contact between the customer and the platform. 

CRM software can also provide a 360-degree view of customer data. Besides, it also can help a business better understand the customers, anticipate customers’ needs, and nurture relationships with them. 

Somehow, those aspects will lead to better customer service, improved customer retention, and ultimately, increased sales and profitability for the business.

5 Top Rated CRM Software Small Business for Your Choice

It is still relevant for small businesses to utilize CRM Software. Thus,  you can rely upon one of five well-liked CRM software for small businesses curated in the following list!

1. Zoho CRM: First Top Rated CRM Software Small Business

Have you ever heard about Zoho? Known as a software development platform that provides a suite of online productivity and collaboration tools. Besides,  Zoho Corporation also launched its CRM Software.

Zoho CRM has a great mission to help businesses of all sizes manage their customer relations more effectively. Furthermore, this platform reaches a great nomination as best overall since it has the best cost to deal with. Accordingly, here are the prices this platform offers, according to Nerdwallet.

  • ultimate plan: $65/ month for a user,
  • enterprise plan: $50/ month per user,
  • professional plan: $35/ month for one user,
  • standard plan: $20/ month/ user,
  • special for limited features, Zoho CRM offers them for free.

Besides monthly payments, you may also opt for annual billing (you can receive a special discount on annual billing).

2. Salesforce CRM

The second best choice for top-rated CRM software small business is Salesforce CRM. Salesforce is a CRM software platform that provides a suite of cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more. 

Additionally, Salesforce CRM is a powerful tool that helps businesses manage customer relationships, streamline sales processes, and improve overall productivity. Moreover, Salesforce CRM offers a wide range of functionalities and features. 

This platform offers lead and opportunity management, contact and account management, workflow automation, sales forecasting, analytics, and reporting. 

Here are the prices that Salesforce offers for its consumers. Before that, note that the payment of all plans is annual billing.

  • marketing-cloud account engagement plan costs $1,250 monthly and is available for more than 10,000 contacts;
  • service professional plan costs $75 every month for each user,
  • sales professional plan costs $75/month per user,
  • starter plan costs $25 every month for each user.

3. Freshsales by Freshworks

Freshsales is the best option for low-cost CRM software. Freshsales is a customer relationship management (CRM) software by Freshworks Incorporation. It is a software platform that provides a range of business solutions. 

Furthermore, this software also offers business solutions, such as customer support, marketing automation, and IT service management. One notable feature of Freshsales CRM software is its built-in email and phone capabilities. It allows users to communicate with leads and customers directly from the platform. 

This integration helps sales teams stay connected and engaged with their prospects and customers throughout the sales process. Besides, Freshsales also has advanced analytics and reporting features. 

These features enable businesses to gain insights into their sales performance, customer behavior, and overall business trends. Additionally, the platform’s reporting capabilities help businesses make data-driven decisions and optimize their sales strategies for better results.

The low-cost this platform offers are:

  • Enterprise plan: $83 each month per user,
  • Pro plan: $47 per month for one user,
  • Growth plan: $18 monthly/user.
  • This platform also has a free plan available only for limited features.

Having the same concept as Zoho, Freshsale payments are also available for monthly and annual billing. Yet, you can benefit from a discount if you choose annual billing.

4. Monday Sales CRM

Monday.com is a popular work operating system (Work OS) that offers a wide range of features for project management, team collaboration, and workflow automation. While Monday Sales is not specifically a CRM software, it can be useful for managing various aspects of sales. 

These aspects include lead tracking, customer communication, and pipeline management. Somehow, Monday Sales is not a dedicated CRM software like Salesforce or Zoho CRM. 

However, its flexibility and versatility make it a viable option for managing sales processes and customer relationships. Particularly for teams that prefer a more visual and customizable approach to sales management. Here are the plans and costs it offers.

  • Enterprise plan: You have to check the quote pricing,
  • Pro plan: Starting from $90 a month,
  • Standard plan: Starting from $51/month,
  • Basic plan: Starting from $37.50 monthly,
  • It offers free costs for nonprofits and qualifying students.

You can pay a monthly or annual subscription to use this software.

5. Pipedrive CRM

The last top-rated CRM software small business is Pipedrive CRM. After all, Pipedrive is known for its simplicity, visual approach to sales management, and focus on helping sales teams prioritize their activities and close deals more efficiently.

Pipedrive CRM also has user-friendly, customizable and interface features. This platform’s advantages make it a popular choice for businesses. This software only offers you monthly billing planning, as detailed below. 

  • Essential plan: $21.90/user/month,
  • Advanced plan: $37.90/user/month,
  • Professional plan: $59.90/user/month,
  • Power plan: $74.90/user/month,
  • Enterprise plan: $119/user/month.

Have You Chosen a Top-Rated CRM Software Small Business for Your Business?

Overall, CRM CRM is a crucial tool to improve your communication with your business’ consumers or audience. It helps you in both strategic and operational aspects.

Eventually, every top-rated CRM software small business has its own capabilities to serve its users.  Still, when you run a small business, it’s better to stick with what you need to achieve your business objective when choosing CRM software. 

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