The Average CRM Administrator Salary In the United States 2023

The Average CRM Administrator Salary in the United States 2023

Understanding the CRM Administrator salary landscape can help you plan your career or negotiate a better compensation package. Thus, if you’re curious about how much money Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Administrators make in the United States in 2023, just look no further! 

We’ll break down the earnings of CRM Administrators across the country. So, it will make it easy for you to grasp the numbers and trends in this important field. Scroll down and pack the insights!

What Is A CRM Administrator?

Before we dive into how much a CRM Administrator’s salary is, it’s important to understand what this role is all about. A CRM administrator’s main job is to keep a customer relationship management (CRM) system working smoothly. 

They make sure all the information in it is correct and current, keep an eye on how well it’s doing, and fix any problems that come up with the software or hardware their company uses.

To be good at this job, a CRM administrator needs to know computer programming languages like Java, C++, Python, and others. They use these languages to write code that tailors the CRM software to fit their company’s specific requirements.

CRM Administrator Tasks and Responsibilities

A CRM administrator’s job involves a wide range of tasks. Here are some of the most prominent they should do daily. 

1. Helping customers solve problems by talking to other company departments when needed.

2. Keep the CRM system’s data up to date to make sure the customer’s information is correct.

3. Organizing and updating customer databases with details like contact information, buying history, and preferences.

4. Support sales by making reports on how many leads turn into sales and setting up appointments for the sales team.

5. Creating training materials for new employees to learn about the company’s products and rules.

6. Figuring out how to make customers happier by using surveys and group discussions.

7. Talking to other parts of the company to make sure customer requests are taken care of quickly.

8. Making reports that show what customers have been doing overtime to find ways to make things better.

9. Helping customers by answering their questions and fixing issues with products or services they bought from the company.

CRM Administrator Job Requirements 

To become a CRM Administrator, you usually need to meet the following qualifications. Pay close attention to the detailed explanation below. 

1. Education

For most CRM administrator jobs, you should at least have a high school diploma or GED or General Equivalency Diploma. Some companies might prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field.

2. Training & Experience

Companies usually provide training for CRM administrators. This training teaches you how to use the company’s specific software and processes. You might also learn by working alongside an experienced CRM administrator to understand the basics of the job.

3. Certifications & Licenses

While it’s not a strict requirement to have certifications, obtaining them can provide several benefits. Certifications are like official stamps in this industry. They can boost credibility, make employers trust skills and knowledge, and raise a CRM Administrator salary.

CRM Administrator Salary

According to Ziprecruiter, As of October 23, 2023, the average CRM Administrator salary per year in the United States is approximately $79,174. To break it down, this translates to about $38.06 per hour, or around $1,522 per week, or $6,597 each month.

While some CRM Administrators earn as much as $117,500 annually, others may make as little as $38,500. Most CRM Administrators fall within the salary range of $61,000 (at the 25th percentile) to $93,000 (at the 75th percentile). 

The highest earners, at the 90th percentile, can command an annual salary of $111,000 across the United States. This broad salary range, varying by as much as $32,000, suggests numerous opportunities for career advancement and increased pay. Additionally, it also depends on factors such as your skill level, location, and years of experience.

10 Cities With Highest CRM Administrator Salary In the US

We’ve pinpointed ten places where the CRM Administrator salary is higher than what’s typical across the entire country.

1. San Jose, California 

This region pays an average of $102,760 per year, which equals $49.40 per hour.

2. Oakland, California 

This city offers an average salary of $101,340 annually, or $48.72 per hour.

3. Antioch, California

CRM Administrators make around $99,359 annually, which is approximately $47.77 per hour in this region. 

4. Hayward, California 

This one provides an average annual salary of $98,134, equivalent to $47.18 per hour.

5. Seattle, Washington 

Dream of settling in Seattle as a CRM Administrator? Well, Seattle has an average yearly pay of $98,015, about $47.12 per hour.

6. Santa Cruz, California 

Santa Crus pays an average of $96,208 annually, or $46.25 per hour, for a CRM Administrator position. Sounds good enough?

7. Concord, California 

This city offers an average annual salary of $95,823, which equals $46.07 per hour.

8. Seaside, California 

CRM Administrators make about $94,591 annually, or $45.48 per hour in Seaside.

9. Sunnyvale, California 

Going to Sunnyvale for a CRM Administrator job? They provides an average yearly salary of $94,249, approximately $45.31 per hour.

10. Livermore, California 

This city offers you an average annual salary of $93,131, which is about $44.77 per hour.

CRM Administrator Career Prospects 

The role of a CRM administrator is still relatively new, and there aren’t clear-cut career paths for it just yet. However, there are several ways CRM administrators can progress in their careers.

First, you can aim for higher positions within the organization, like becoming a CRM manager or director. Second, you can explore roles related to marketing or sales, such as a marketing manager or sales manager. 

Third, you can venture into other IT-related jobs, like a business analyst or system administrator. Fourth, you can consider furthering your education, such as pursuing a master’s degree in business administration or information technology.

Interested in Working As A CRM Administrator?

Working as a CRM Administrator is an exciting and in-demand career opportunity. You’d be in charge of handling customer data, streamlining processes, and keeping things running smoothly in a company. While it’s relatively new, there are good opportunities to move up the career ladder.

Now, in 2023, the average CRM Administrator salary in the United States is about $79,174 a year. But keep in mind it can change depending on where you work, how experienced you are, and what skills you bring to the table. With a salary that’s on point and a field that’s always changing, it’s worth considering for your career.

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