Best Inexpensive CRM Software: The 7 Best Pick for 2023

Best Inexpensive CRM Software: The 7 Best Pick for 2023

Choosing the best inexpensive CRM software is tricky because each software has different features and prices. If you are a new growing small business, CRM software might help you to arrange the business. However, sometimes the price is quite pricey for a small business, so this is a list of inexpensive CRM software you must consider. 

7 Best Inexpensive CRM Software

The best inexpensive CRM software helps you to enhance your business process. Starting from contact management to marketing campaigns, CRM software assists the whole process and you just need to relax. Then, here are 5 best inexpensive CRM software suitable for your business needs. Take a look closer! 

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is on top of the list because you will get various features and functionalities cost-free. You will get all the features without spending a penny. HubSpot also is a CRM software that is effective in managing customers and sales. 

Additionally, you will get wonderful contact management tools to import and export data as well as list segmentation. You will also get organization features, such as reminders of the meeting schedule or other business activities. It also has features to support your marketing tools.

However, there are still many limitations because it is free. For instance, file storage is very limited to five documents per person. They don’t offer email, chat, or phone line support which makes it hard for you when facing technical issues. You will only get a little liberty in customizing the database

Nevertheless, this software is free and you can get all the features and adjust your business environment with the limitations. You can maximize the use of the features to get the best result for your business environment.

2. Freshsales

Freshsales is second best in most inexpensive CRM software. This software is notable for its beneficial marketing tools such as an email design editor, automated workflows, and visitor tracking. 

This software also offers adept contact management features, encompassing data import and export capabilities, 250 customizable fields, and 50 automated workflows. With those features, this software only costs $15 per user monthly, provides unlimited user access, and allocates 2GB of file storage per individual. 

However, it still has limitations. It lacks customer service features, so you should use an external system to track and manage customer service. If you are looking for customer service support, this CRM is not suitable for you, but cost-wise, this is a great deal. 

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is the third best on this list. This software offers over 350 integrations, accompanied by mobile applications, lead management, and communication tracking.

Pipedrive only costs $15 per month and provides an attractive option for all small businesses. It is suitable for you who are concerned about sensitive information inside your business.  

Pipedrive’s Advanced package offers cost-wise data security solutions. This plan ensures your system is secured with high-security measures such as user access controls, two-factor authentication, and security alerts via email. Also, it is reducing concerns about potential hacking and phishing breaches.

4. Streak 

Streak offers the main features of CRM such as private pipelines, email tracking, and unlimited contact. It also integrates with Google and enables CRM data accessibility in GMail, Sheets, Chat, Drive, and Calendar. Furthermore, it is super affordable because the premium versions begin at a rate of $15 per user monthly.

5. Zendesk

Zendesk is number 4 because it is a few dollars higher for pricing. With the higher price, Zendesk is better than Freshsales in the organization and customization features. It costs $19 per user, per month, and is billed monthly.

Zendesk allows you to customize fields, dashboards, task types, objects, and sales that fit your business process. In addition, you have the flexibility to modify contact fields or limit them. You can also design some as required only in creating data consistency. 

However, this software still has many shortcomings in some aspects, such as marketing features, and no customer service tools. If you are looking for those features, it is better to find other software. 

This software still is an affordable CRM choice for straightforward data representation, furnished with a longer range of data analysis and reports. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of budget in using the features for your business growth. 

6. Pro Plan

This CRM software might be the software that you are looking for. The pro version of this software comes at an affordable price with various features that can be your consideration. In addition, you have to pay $24 per user, per month. 

This CRM software is affordable enough to compete with other software because of the features it offers. The Pro plan provides you with contact management, data import and export, and list division. Those customizable fields and automatic workflows are incredible to organize all your contacts.

However, this Pro plan is lacking in its marketing capabilities. It can generate web forms but it misses out on many features, such as chatbots, websites, tracking customers, and social media integration. If you are looking for the best CRM software for marketing, you can find another one. 

7. Zoho CRM

Zoho is packed with the most valuable features for business, such as sales pipeline and automated lead scoring. With the cost of $23 per user, per month, you will get some features that allow you to create quotes, invoices as well as payment acceptance. It even allows customers to make purchases on your website.

However, with the competitive price, it still has a limitation. The limitation comes from the file storage. The professional plan only has 20MB of file storage per user and a collective 10GB for the whole organization. If you are looking for a spacious space, this software isn’t for you.

Which One of The Best Inexpensive CRM Software Would You Choose?

Choosing CRM software is not so easy. Each software offers various features with its own limitations, so you should consider what you need and what things you can adjust for the limitation. Now, which one is the best inexpensive CRM software for you? Remember, choose the one to support your business so that it can last longer. 

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