7 Recommendations of the Best User-Friendly CRM Software

7 Recommendations for the Best User-Friendly CRM Software 2023

Building good relationships with customers is a must because it has a big impact on the continuity of your business. Support smooth customer interactions using CRM because the software’s built-in tools are agile in gathering valuable customer information! You can use user-friendly CRM software for your first experience.

Given that CRM is the backbone that maximizes marketing and sales through customer data, then choose CRM software that suits your business objective. Please keep scrolling down to get the best software recommendations!

7 Best User-Friendly CRM Software

These seven recommended CRMs below are worth giving the shot because they have built-in features with their own advantages that might resolve your problems!

1. Monday.com

If you are looking for a CRM to manage all your work and at the same time be able to provide clients with personalized care, then Monday.com is an excellent solution. CRM software from Monday.com can also streamline workflows to make them more efficient.

Monday.com CRM allows you to centralize your client interactions and sales without using code. Therefore, CRM software from Monday.com can be a mainstay for organizations from small to medium scale.

Your team can work more effectively and efficiently because Monday.com can be integrated with other platforms such as Google, Zapier, Salesforce, and Microsoft. Accordingly, you can switch platforms in the blink of an eye.

2. Zoho

The next CRM you can choose for all types of businesses is Zoho. This cloud-based software has multiple channels and powerful performance. You can promote sales by using ZIA, an AI assistant, which is a built-in feature of Zoho.

Amazingly, ZIA can help customers by providing the right useful insights, alerting them to various types of errors, and shortening client contact time. Using Zoho to streamline your enterprise will provide an excellent experience.

How could it not be? This software can be integrated with many platforms, such as Google Workspace, Facebook Ads, Microsoft 365, Shopify, Slack, and Mailchimp.

Zoho also provides a dashboard that can be adjusted to enterprise needs, like automating sales procedures and assisting in managing products, invoices, offers, prices, and real-time notifications for all activities.

3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365

Another user-friendly CRM software that you can choose to enhance customer relationships is Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. Microsoft CRM will provide an enjoyable experience to users because Microsoft has equipped its software with many excellent and comprehensive features.

The focus of Microsoft Dynamics 365 performance is to improve client connections with enterprises using this software. Furthermore, Microsoft makes this software available in the cloud, on-premises, or even both.

This CRM software from Microsoft will also function optimally if you use the Microsoft environment. Generally, you can depend on Microsoft Dynamics 365’s built-in features for good management prospects.

Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 also offers other perks, such as simple navigation, downloading data without time limits, customization features, and access to the communication history of each contact.

4. Keap

For those of you who manage a small business, you can consider Keap to develop and advance your business. Keap is the new name of Infusionsoft which combines marketing and sales tools. Thus, Keap is the ideal choice for those of you who are just starting an e-commerce business.

Not just increasing sales, Keap will also assist you in managing payments and invoices and lead customers to return to your shop. By relying on Keap, you can save time because this software can simplify tasks such as sending emails and adding new prospects.

Other perks offered by Keap to simplify your business workflow include sending SMS advertisements to customer numbers, automating marketing and customer support options, and enabling you to provide various payment options. In addition, other platforms that can be integrated with Keap include QuickBooks, Outlook, Gmail, and Salesforce.

5. Oracle NetSuite

The online shopping trend has made many businesses sell their products on e-commerce. In order for your business to be no less competitive than other competitors, use a CRM that can maximize your e-commerce performance. Oracle NetSuite is user-friendly CRM software that you can choose as an effective solution.

By using this software, you can provide a better customer experience. How so? Basically, Oracle NetSuite is cloud-based software that can manage the client’s life cycle comprehensively. Simultaneously, Oracle NetSuite’s built-in tools will gather insightful customer data with agility.

Next, this data can be analyzed so it is usable to generate prospects to enhance business sales. Its powerful performance makes this CRM software highly reliable for enhancing operations, marketing, and sales.

Besides, Oracle NetSuite is also an extremely adaptable platform. So you can customize it based on your business needs. Additionally, you can integrate Oracle NetSuite with Oracle, SuiteCloud Connect, and Google.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM recommendation that will provide the best integration experience because it manages pipelines with complete visibility. Instead, this software will also make it easier for you to keep track of your videos stored in CRM. Interacting with customers will also be more seamless because you get real-time notifications.

Hubstop can assist you in optimizing your website because it will provide you with SEO recommendations. Not merely integrate channels well, but you can also connect them with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In fact, HubSpot can also integrate with Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

7. Salesforce

Another CRM software that is suitable as a partner for small businesses is Salesforce. This user-friendly CRM software will assist you in managing your sales and is the first cloud-based CRM software. You can set up dashboards and reports based on your business needs so you can work quickly and effectively.

Developing a small business is certainly not a mere figment if you rely on this software. In fact, you can see a clear picture of your business’s specific sales channels. Although used for small-scale businesses, Salesforce has attracted 21 investors and is used by more than 150,000 customers.

The advantages of Salesforce features you need to know are interactive learning, testing without impacting CRM, and wide accessibility. Platforms that are integrated with Salesforce include Salesforce, Zapier, and Google.

Which User-Friendly CRM Software Suits Your Business?

Ultimately, you can choose the seven recommendations for the best user-friendly CRM software in 2023 based on the type and scale of your business. In order to choose appropriate CRM software, make sure you know the specific built-in features that may solve your issues and help you achieve the objective.

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